Been too long…

I realized that it has been more than a year since I wrote on my blog.

This is the very epitome of procrastination. I keep telling myself to write but I end up on Netflix instead. And I blame the inner voice ‘Tomorrow, we shall write tomorrow’.

And so, a year has passed and my family of 3 has become a family of 4.

I welcomed a baby boy in the third quarter of 2021. It was a difficult but beautiful pregnancy. I had an amazing and nurturing OBGYN and the best doula who held my hand throughout the journey and was my pillar of support and my voice of reason up till the very end. I love my doula. She is God-sent and an angel in my eyes.

2021 was a rollercoaster ride that delivered my precious baby. It was challenging with the ever changing COVID measures and the Delta variant outbreak. We were hermits because I was not yet vaccinated then and I was afraid to step out. But I eventually agreed to get vaccinated with Pfizer at 37 weeks pregnant. I guess the pressure and fear was getting to me. But after the first dose, I honestly felt less burdened.

The journey was tough. I am thankful to my husband for the love and support and for always being there to hold me up. 2021 taught us that we only have each other and we need to cherish and hold each other. We should not depend or expect too much from the people around us. We always need to have contingency plans should people decide to walk away from promises.

We managed my post partum confinement alone. It was just my husband, my daughter and my newborn son. But it was perfect and we could not ask for more. It made us closer and we treasured every moment.

And so life goes on.